Ready to welcome guests from China

Dear friends!

We are delighted to share great news!

Hotel Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki is now officially certified as “China Ready”!

‘China Ready’ is a new standard of hospitality industry acknowledged by the Chinese Academy of Tourism. Its program is aimed at preparing hotels to welcoming Chinese tourists taking into consideration all cultural aspects, providing more attentive and discreet service.

Now we are ready to receive even more guests from China and to offer the nicest conditions of accommodation according to their traditions and habits.

To satisfy the demand of Chinese travelers for hospitality services, Hotel Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki has developed special offers that will allows guests to feel truly welcomed by the hotel staff. We have done everything possible to provide the best experience for the guests from the Heavenly Empire: Chinese-speaking staff at the reception, special “welcoming kit”, Chinese TV in the hotel rooms, and special dishes and drinks from Chinese cuisine. Guests can also pay for the services with a “UnionPay” card.

Hotel Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki is absolutely ready to welcome guests from China as the hotel has become a more open, comfortable and convenient place for accommodation.